Hometown Heroes Tulsa
Tulsa is the reason God made Oklahoma, fact or fiction? Join host and tour guide Davit Souders on a journey with the little podcast that could..and does, it's sure to give you what you seek,the answer to this age old question. Learn some of the colorful history of Tulsa music past, present and where it might be headed in this weekly one hour broadcast/podcast/diabolicast. Along with some entertaining and quite unique fun facts about Tulsa and other parts of Oklahoma, expect to hear Rock, Punk, Mariachi, Celtic, Hardcore, Ska, Pop, Americana, Electronic, Rockabilly and much more from Tulsa and surrounding areas. Try to guess in which of the fifty states the yield sign, the wheeled shopping cart, parking meters (sorry), and the aerosol can were invented??? It's all here. We are the state that brought you Garth Brooks, The Flaming Lips, Hanson, Reba McEntire, The GAP Band, Toby Keith, Leon Russell, Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, J.J. Cale, and The All American Rejects. Find out what lies just below the surface... Where "I Love Tulsa" isn't just a phrase, it's a t-shirt. This Diabolicast Produced by Dustin Parkhurst for Diabolical Productions, LLC
Hometown Heroes Show Number 44 Week of April 27-May 4, 2007

This little podcast that can and will, could and does, has one major mission: let you hear what Tulsa music has to offer.  And this mission is not impossible.  You can find every genre of music in the Tulsa area. We think this worldwide web thing just might have a future and we want to supply the soundtrack. These sounds will keep you on track, thanks for listening.

Upside - Lights Out
Ganem - Thinking With My Head
Josh James - Goodbye
Doomsday Junky - DopeJug
Tatude Temple - Freedom's End
Severmind - Revive
Caroline's Spine - Pieces
Bait - Follow Me
Citizen Mundi - My Brother
Klipspringer - Hottest Girl On My Block
Motive For Movement - Illuminate
Baby M - Ray on Renee/Polyester Esther

This Diabolicast Produced by Dustin Parkhurst for Diabolical Productions, LLC

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Hometown Heroes Show Number 43 Week of April 20-27, 2007

Ballroom Blitz Part II
As promised, producer Dustin Parkhurst and host Davit Souders deliver: Bands At The Blitz Part 2. We think that any event with 24 Tulsa bands and 4 stages and at The Cain's Ballroom deserves a special broadcast/podcast/diabolicast direct from the Double H Ranch.  We stated this last week and continue with The Ballroom Blitz, blitz this week.
Ever find yourself wondering if earthquakes ever occur in Oklahoma? Yeah, we do too. Find the answer in this week's really fun facts.

Radio Wave Days - Sunlight Showering Love
The Muddville Project - Perfect Girl
Theodress Avery - Unstoppable
Wade Burrow - My Final Word
Math Lab - Enough
Black Wednesday - Generation X
Even Felker/Turnpike Troubadours - Angola
Sarah Wagner & The Pop-A-Delphics - Happy Again
Esther - Seventeen and Broken
Rook - Defenseless
Los Reactors - Dead In The Suburbs
HotRobBob - Apartement 213

This Diabolicast Produced by Dustin Parkhurst for Diabolical Productions, LLC

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Hometown Heroes Show Number 42 Week of April 13-20, 2007

Ballroom Blitz Part I

You know the phrase, The Blitz is on? Well, its true in this case, as in the 2nd Annual Ballroom Blitz at Cain's Ballroom here in Tulsa, on Saturday, April 28. This event and its Fall campanion, Freakers' Ball are the two largest single day showcase events for Tulsa area bands. Being a pro-Tulsa broadcast/podcast it only made perfect sense for us to showcase this 4 stage, 25 plus band event. Sometimes you have to put your money where your mouth is, so here we go.

Don't forget, and we won't let you anyway. Education is important. That's why we give you not one, but two really fun facts each show. They always relate to Tulsa and/or Oklahoma. Where else will you find out which city in the U.S. is number one for allergy sufferers to live? or just try to guess where President Franklin D. Roosevelt made a secret visit to in 1943...

You don't have to thank us for all of this free music and information, just spread the word.  Y'all come back now.

Rook - Why I Linger
The Red Alert - The Only One
Severmind - Revive
HotRodBob - 700 Club
Crooked X - Procrastinator
Black Wednesday - Pigs In Hell
Los Reactors - Culture Shock
Brian Parton - Glam It Up
Bait - Gone
Mariachi Tulsa - A Toda Mariachi
Stevedore - Almost Beautiful
Celtic Cheer - Wild Rover

This Diabolicast Produced by Dustin Parkhurst for Diabolical Productions, LLC

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Hometown Heroes Show Number 41 Week of April 6-13, 2007

It's a Tulsa, Tulsa, Tulsa, Tulsa World. At least where we come from. T-town's not perfect, but its perfect for us. If you come from Tulsa, it's easy to fit in to cities like Dallas or Austin. And we don't mean in a Yeehaw, ride'em cowboy kind of way. Stereotypes can be hard to break, but we think we do a good job every week with the music showcased here. Sure we have our Garth Brooks, but we also have our Flaming Lips.

Last weeks was part one of our Ladies First theme featuring, well female vocalists. Welcome to Part 2.

Degage - Love Patrol
Jenny Labow - The Heaviest Thing
Dulcinea - Walking On Fire
30 Ot Six - With Hateful Pride
Wanda Watson - Love One Another
Shannon Thomas - Another You
Driven - Mr. Lovely
Siren - I Want You
Ultrafix - Rounder
Rusti Love - Seesaw
Spank - Break Me
Amy Newsom - Window Of Opportunity

This Diabolicast Produced by Dustin Parkhurst for Diabolical Productions, LLC

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Hometown Heroes Show Number 40 Week of March 30 - April 6, 2007

Lordy, Lordy look who's 40. 40 years ago, in 1967, we were just a bunch of young college age radicals with a vision, oh, not THAT 40. More like 40 weeks ago...Honestly, a lot has happened in the last 40 weeks. Our listenership is in the thousands, we have been accepted by iTunes, we have a global audience, including the UK, Europe, and Canada. A national audience from Seattle, WA and Austin, TX to Washington D.C. and a massive local following that reminds us why we do this. We won't  pat ourselves on the back too much though because we know our constant mission of keeping the hills alive with the sound of Tulsa music is very, very far from over. This week's Diabolicast is called Ladies First featuring some of our area's finest female vocalists, this is only Part I.

Congress Of A Crow - Bad News
Daisy Strange - Stuck
Susan Herndon - Eden
The Red Alert - Only Want Loving
Rook - Murder Me Now
Cindy Cain - In Your Impala
Diane Haney - Black Rose
Fuzz - God Is Good
Sarah Wagner - Bra's On Fire
Rebecca Ungerman - Stand Up
Cairde Na Gael - The Unquite Grave
Wendy Nichol - Steppin' Up

This Diabolicast Produced by Dustin Parkhurst for Diabolical Productions, LLC

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