Hometown Heroes Tulsa
Tulsa is the reason God made Oklahoma, fact or fiction? Join host and tour guide Davit Souders on a journey with the little podcast that could..and does, it's sure to give you what you seek,the answer to this age old question. Learn some of the colorful history of Tulsa music past, present and where it might be headed in this weekly one hour broadcast/podcast/diabolicast. Along with some entertaining and quite unique fun facts about Tulsa and other parts of Oklahoma, expect to hear Rock, Punk, Mariachi, Celtic, Hardcore, Ska, Pop, Americana, Electronic, Rockabilly and much more from Tulsa and surrounding areas. Try to guess in which of the fifty states the yield sign, the wheeled shopping cart, parking meters (sorry), and the aerosol can were invented??? It's all here. We are the state that brought you Garth Brooks, The Flaming Lips, Hanson, Reba McEntire, The GAP Band, Toby Keith, Leon Russell, Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, J.J. Cale, and The All American Rejects. Find out what lies just below the surface... Where "I Love Tulsa" isn't just a phrase, it's a t-shirt. This Diabolicast Produced by Dustin Parkhurst for Diabolical Productions, LLC





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Hometown Heroes Show #111 August 8-15, 2008

We're number one. Well actually 111 as in show number 111. One hundred eleven weeks of the world meeting Tulsa. That's a lot of "how do you do's" and we do fine! Program Director Davit Souders and Producer Dustin Parkhurst make it their weekly mission to introduce you to the original music that comes out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. World famous musical artists from Leon Russell to Hanson to Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey all come from T-Town, and that's a mighty diverse heritage! This podcast/broadcast exists to show the world what our city has to offer musically. Once again we say, we love Tulsa and so will you! www.hometownheroestulsa.com

This weeks heroes:

Aqueduct- Assignment #1: Heart Design
Joe and Ellen- Jewelbox
Aries Road- California
Royal Crush- That's Impossible
Trust Tree- Long For Home
Chuk Cooley and The Demon Hammers- The Lost
All Of The Below- The Reckoning
Admiral Twin- You Hung The Moon
Templar- Feel No Better
Martian Big Block- Miss Tomato Pie
Blue Eyed Boy Death Machine- How Quickly Things Can Change
Larkin- The Curse Of Our Fathers


This Diabolicast produced by Dustin Parkhurst for Diabolical Productions, LLC.

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Hometown Heroes Show #110 August 1-8, 2008

Hello world, hello darlin', hello kitty. Once again, it's Tulsa calling. Wherever you are on planet earth we wish you only the best. The best in Tulsa music is what we offer you every week. Thanks to this little worldwide web, Davit Souders, and Dustin Parkhurst get to showcase music they've known for years to be pretty darn spectacular. And now the world is in on our little secret. We love Tulsa music and we think you will too!

Visit our website and often:


This weeks heroes and sheroes:

Fuzz - God Is Good
AM - New Road
All Of The Below - Panic Attack
Trust Tree - 15 Reasons
Mister Voxious - Guess Your Weight
The Starkweather Boys - The Best of You
Wendy Nichol - Beauty Queen
Shutdown Sequence Go! - Mr. Blue (Is Coming For You)
Acoustic Ross - Blushes
Citizen Mundi - Sleep
Nathan Brant - Believe
Sarah Wagner and the Pop-Adelphics - Typical Day

This Diabolicast produced by Dustin Parkhurst for Diabolical Productions, LLC.

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Hometown Heroes Show #109 July 25-August 1, 2008: Tulsa 2005 Revisted

Is it hot enough yet? Yes, In Tulsa, Oklahoma right now, this week it's triple digit hot. Excessive heat warnings abound, sunburn, heat stroke, and dehydration are real concerns. What we don't have to worry about is the amazing music that Tulsa muscians produce in abundance. Davit Souders and Dustin Parkhurst fight the extreme heat with the extreme cool of the "Sound of T-Town" This week Davit and Dustin revisit 2005 (yeah, we know only 3 years ago) but still, a little slice of our musical past will always be more exciting then no slice at all.

Visit www.hometownheroestulsa.com often

This week's heroes of 2005:

The Mudville Project - Kinda Man
The Hero Factor - Come Down
Stevedore - Almost Beautiful
The Red Alert - Tulsa Calling
David Dover - Take Care Of Me
Redecco - Not Very Far
Traveler - See
Wreckless Process - Pull Your Own Weight
Cairde Na Gael - Whiskey In The Jar
The Effects - Fake It, Til You Make It
Brian Haas - I Mean You
Alaska Factor - Ignorance


This Diabolicast produced by Dustin Parkhurst for Diabolical Productions, LLC.

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Hometown Heroes Show #108 July 19-25 , 2008: Tulsa Artists At D-Fest Part 3 of 3

This week the mega musical blitz D-Fest will be in downtown Tulsa Friday July 25 and Saturday July 26. It's 2 days of music and music industry conferences. With over 150 musical artists and many from Oklahoma and right here in Tulsa. This is week 3 of the Hometown Heroes feature on Tulsa and surrounding artist playing at the event.

This week we've got hot T-Town music, hot weather and a red hot and very cool concert event this week. Go to dfest.com for all the info you could possibly want and there's also our fun website: www.hometownheroestulsa.com  You, like others should visit and often. Host Davit Souders and Producer Dustin Parkhurst will gladly tour guide you through all of the ins and outs of the Double H and D-fest...

This Weeks D-Fest Heroes:

Kawner - Lost
Bait - Tsunami
Blackswan - A New Friend For Jimmy
Progress In Color - It's A Plague
Congress Of A Crow - Ghost
Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey - Winter Clothes
Adam Lopez - Lovers
Josef Glaude Trio - Molly's Blue Day
AM - Gone Away
Acoustic Ross - Pushin' 40
Ghosts - Nutz N' Boltz
Steve Liddell - Yes, Yes, Yes (Rock You Girl)


This Diabolicast produced by Dustin Parkhurst for Diabolical Productions, LLC.

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Hometown Heroes Show #107 July 11-18, 2008: Tulsa Artists At D-Fest Part 2 of 3

Tulsa, Tulsa, Tulsa - It's what we're selling. It's our city, it's our music and its certainly our pleasure to showcase it right here each and every week. This is week two of or featuring T-Town artist performing at D-fest, Oklahoma' 2-day music festival and conference held in downtown Tulsa July 25-26. For a complete list of all performers go to www.dfest.com. We'll see you there. Davit Souders and Dustin Parkhurst don't just think highly of the music and muscians they feature, you might say they think of them as Hometown Super Heroes.


Callupsie - The Murderous Type
Mayola - Once A Fisherman
Ganem - Let Go
First Lady Assassins - Dan's Song
Joesf Glaude Trio - Bad Dog Blues
Black Wednesday - Pigs In Hell
Acoustic Ross - Fault Country
Motive For Movement - Illuminate
Colourmusic - Yes
Jesse Aycock - Sun Set
The Starkweather Boys - Off His Leash
John Moreland and The Black Gold Band - Everything's My Fault


This Diabolicast produced by Dustin Parkhurst for Diabolical Productions, LLC.

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