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Tulsa is the reason God made Oklahoma, fact or fiction? Join host and tour guide Davit Souders on a journey with the little podcast that could..and does, it's sure to give you what you seek,the answer to this age old question. Learn some of the colorful history of Tulsa music past, present and where it might be headed in this weekly one hour broadcast/podcast/diabolicast. Along with some entertaining and quite unique fun facts about Tulsa and other parts of Oklahoma, expect to hear Rock, Punk, Mariachi, Celtic, Hardcore, Ska, Pop, Americana, Electronic, Rockabilly and much more from Tulsa and surrounding areas. Try to guess in which of the fifty states the yield sign, the wheeled shopping cart, parking meters (sorry), and the aerosol can were invented??? It's all here. We are the state that brought you Garth Brooks, The Flaming Lips, Hanson, Reba McEntire, The GAP Band, Toby Keith, Leon Russell, Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, J.J. Cale, and The All American Rejects. Find out what lies just below the surface... Where "I Love Tulsa" isn't just a phrase, it's a t-shirt. This Diabolicast Produced by Dustin Parkhurst for Diabolical Productions, LLC





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October 2008
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Happily it's that time of year again where we feature those performers who will be showcased on 4 stages at Freakers Ball held at the world famous Cain's Ballroom here in Tulsa. This will be the 34th year for Freakers Ball and it is the biggest Halloween event in Oklahoma. Not only is Hometown Heroes the official podcast/broadcast of Freakers Ball, we also have our own "Double H Stage". If that's not enough, the 11pm $1,000 costume contest features some of the season's most elaborate costumed contestants. Friday October 31 Guinness presents the 34th Annual Freakers Ball- 4 stages featuring all Tulsa area music, a $1,000 costume contest, and the very spooky Dustin Parkhurst and Davit Souders.




The Freakers Ball Class of 2008 Part One:

Doomsday Junky- Man On A Mission
Stevedore- Pure Aggression
Acoustic Ross- The R.I.A.A. Took My Baby Away
First Lady Assassins- Grey Is The New Black
The Red Alert- Meet Me At My Place
Bad Things- P.O.D.
Spank- Over Again
Mariachi Tulsa- Perdoname Y Queriendo
Down For Five- Insignificance
Ghosts-Tiny Girlz


This Diabolicast produced by Dustin Parkhurst for Diabolical Productions, LLC.

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Tulsa's got gas! Well, Tulsa's always had gas, in fact for years and years our city was known as "The Oil Capital of the World". This week Oklahoma has the cheapest regular unleaded gas in the nation and Tulsa specifically has the lowest price per gallon of any U.S. city: $2.66, HOLY SMOKES!!! What a great time to come to T-Town, hear great music and see the sites, all for under 3 bucks a gallon, now that's a deal. Tulsa's wide variety of music will certainly keep you "gassed up". We of course mean that in the best possible way. Davit Souders and Dustin Parkhurst will offer you some great full service music and perhaps they will check your oil, tire pressure and clean your windshield. Fill 'er up with this week's Hometown Heroes.


This Is Benji...- I Miss You
Wendy Nichol- This Is For All The Girls
Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey- Recovering The Time Capsule
Gravediggers Jokebook- P.M.O.G./Crawl
Sofa Choker- Someone Like You
Mojo Militia- Chocolate Covered
TJ McFarland- Boold Red Bay
Sarah Lindsey- Bend In The River
Mason Remel- Pretty Hair, Gummie Bear
Ziff- Flatline (My Old Friend)
Acoustic Ross- 48 Days Adrift

This Diabolicast produced by Dustin Parkhurst for Diabolical Productions, LLC.

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Welcome to Tulsa music and October 2008. October in T-Town means much the same as the rest of the United States: Fall, cooler weather, pumpkin patches and the grand finale...Halloween. The Weather's getting cooler but Tulsa's music remains hot. Davit Souders and Dustin Parkhurst can and will gaurantee that. As usual, there's not one, but two fun facts about Tulsa and/or something or someone in Oklahoma. Sit back and turn up whatever player you use to listen to "The Sound of T-Town", remember this podcast/broadcast is absolutely "Where The World Meets Tulsa".


All heroes, no zeros:

Slugwrench- Wrapped III
Callupsie- The Murderous Type
Trust Tree- Judgement Day
Unwed Sailor- Aurora
BlackSwan- Take The Scenic Route
Cindy Cain- In Your Impala
Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey- Tae Parade
Congress Of ACrow- Reason
Radio Wave Days- Skyline
First Lady Assassins- Queen Of The Mountain
Jarrod Mott and The Time Travelers- The Catch
Martian Bigblock Moon Patrol 1


This Diabolicast produced by Dustin Parkhurst for Diabolical Productions, LLC.

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Ever wonder what Tulsa's music scene might have sounded like say, in the 1980's? You may be very suprised, punk rock and new wave were very much alive and well in T-Town, beginning in the late 1970's and stomping their way throughout the 80's, luck for us! This show also educates the younger listeners to the fact that the Tulsa music scene has been alive and well for years. This is musical time travelling at it's best. As we uncover more music from Tulsa's colorful past, rest assured Dustin Parkhurst and Davit Souders will showcase it right here. Take a walk down memory lane, past or present, Tulsa's hometown heroes are among the best.

Hometown Heroes in the 1980's:

Radio Milan- In The Cofusion
Automatic Fathers- Violent Reaction
Local Hero- Live Up
Los Reactors- Dead In the Suburbs
The David Dover Band- Take Another Chance
20/20- Nuclear Boy
N.O.T.A.- Moscow
The Jacks- Just Like Yesterday
Roger Scott- Dance The Night Away
Los Reactors- Culture Shock
N.O.T.A.- You Make Me Sick
N.O.T.A.- Toy Soldiers


This Diabolicast produced by Dustin Parkhurst for Diabolical Productions, LLC.

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Viva Tulsa! Viva Tulsa ! Viva Tulsa! Great times, great people, great music!!! Tulsa, how do we love thee-let us count the ways: great food- barbeque, Thai, Italian, sushi(yes awesome sushi in Tulsa, Oklahoma), hamburgers, hot dogs, Greek, Indian, sandwhiches, soups, bagels, coffee and Davit's personal favorite, hot black tea with milk. Also great sites like the Golden Driller, the Center of the Universe, bookstores, Tulsa State Fair, Oklahoma Scottish Festival, Oktoberfest, Mayfest, Freaker's Ball, D-Fest, Freakers Ball, Ballroom Blitz, Cain's Ballroom, BOK Center, Spirit Bank Center. T-Town's got lots of cool and the soundtrack to boot!

Hometown Heroes- Where The World Meets T-Town:


Shamrock- 2 Stars
Calling Matthew- Well Known Stranger
Ghosts- Rubber Stones
Mellowdramatic Wallflowers- Rhetoric
The 3 Godfathers- The Burning
Physiques- Bright Ideas
Even The Dogs- Shut Your Mouth
2 Weeks Ago- I Will Fight
Frustrated Houswives- New World
Shutdown Sequence Go!- Quicker Than Quicksand
The Red Alert- Oklahoma Sweetheart Blues

The Diabolicast produced by Dustin Parkhurst for Diabolical Productions, LLC

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Our shows host and producer, Diabolical Davit Souders and Devine Dustin Parkhurst could easily do the good cop/bad cop routine, but really their opinions don't differ drastically and they wholeheartedly agree that Tulsa's got some of the best music around. Twice each show you get not one but two really fun and informative facts about Tulsa and/or something interesting in Oklahoma. You know we love Tulsa and you're gonna fall for our little town and it's cute musical ways.


This week's heroes:

Rook- Muse
Mourning Tree- Orange Ave.
Brad Absher- Find You Tonight
Jarrod Mott & The Time Travelers- Perfect Body
Sir Threadius Mongus- Comin' Home
First Lady Assassins- Queen Of The Mountain
The Darlings- Sailor Song
Elliot The Letter Ostrich- My Baroness
DDS- You Can Try
Mlan Darras- Beautiful Girl
Jeff Graham- Hurricane
Ziff- Smile

This Diabolicast produced by Dustin Parkhurst for Diabolical Productions, LLC.

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For all practical purposes, Summer is over here in Tulsa. Once most of the kids are back in school, it just seems to be the unofficial end of that Summer-like feel. Not to worry though, whether it's Summer, Fall, Winter or Spring, Tulsas music will be here for you and the rest of the world. This weeks show has a theme of sorts: Acoustic Tulsa, that says it all. We feature acoustic versions that some of our heroes (and sheroes) usually play "electrified", if you will. Davit Souders and Dustin Parkhurst give you the best, no strings attached, well actually, the strings are attached. It sounds much better that way. Listen for yourself. Everyone needs hometown heroes and T-Town has some of the best.


Listen to these fine artists and often:

Acoustic Tulsa:


Acoustic Ross- History Lesson Part III
Ganem- Angel Eyes
The Mudville Project- Swallow Your Sword
Tony Romanello - No Regrets
Wendy Nichol - Seeking You
Travis Kidd - Oklahoma Sunset
Susan Herndon - Cremation Papers
Brian Parton - Long Hard Night
Wade Burrow - My Final Word
William Joseph - On and On
TJ McFarland - I'm Leavin' That's All
Brian Haas - Lola and Alice

This Diabolicast produced by Dustin Parkhurst for Diabolical Productions, LLC.

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